Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Preliminary Work *-* Focus Group

For my preliminary work i included 3 different magazines which i also diconstructed to find out what was good or bad about them and or whats included within the magazine front cover( the deconstruction of magazines will be included later)
for this focus group i showed students the magazine covers and asked them a series of question
what was good and bad about them
how they liked the use of colours and fonts ect
i also asked them to give it a rating out of 10

This is the first cover i showed them. from the magazine Q.

7/10- plain background, the layout seems to be all over the place, unorganised composition. Didn’t like the way its was too simple

8/10- good content and layout

6/10- plain-bad composition-to bland

7/10- liked the way the red text and head mast made the magazine cover stand out. Also the way the colours complimented and worked well with one another
(Have to make sure all the colours I use don’t distract or ruin the cover. Make sure they compliment one another)

This is the second magzine from VIBE

8/10- my style of music, like the way eminem and 50 cent are portrayed as they are two of the most influential people within this genre of music

5/10 – this magazine doesn’t include any other variations of music and doesn’t interest me

7/10 I like the way that the colours outline the main things included within the magazine and the way they compliment each other, I also like the text and composition they have used

6/10 good information given, explaining the content within, however could be colourful and include more images

The last magazine that i showed the people envolved within the focus group was from Kerrang

10/10 – good composition and content- nice use of colours and editing techniques such as overlapping, like the way they include some of the content down the bottom and the footer

5/10 doesn’t really include much of other genres of music but a good bright cover which draws the eye

8/10 good magazine, like the way it included free posters and the colours they use to really grab the reader eye

9/10 good music magazine always includes good offers and extra content, good information and layout on the front

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