Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Deconstruction of magazines

haii again. in this blog i have included my deconstruction of magazines. i have studies and looked at three different magazine covers as you know. i have them taken them apart and reviewed the good and bad points about the magazine, and what they inclcuded.

This magazine is from Kerrang
Clear, attractive main cover, this attracts the customer, the friendly cover helps invite the reader also the use of bright and vibrant colours also have a massive impact and persuades the audiences to purchase the magazineThe extras included and free gifts included and are a good selling point for the magazine. For example in this issue there are free posters this helps persuade the reader to buy the magazine and is something good for weekly fans to collect
The way in which the text and pictures are presented allow the page to flow and the readers eye to follow the page down.
A criticism of this magazine could be that it’s too cluttered, that too much is occurring within the cover and may distract or disorientate the reader.
Also another criticism would be that it only focuses on one specific grouping of music, and that’s mainly between the rock, indie and metal and does not include any other genres so r`n`b rap ect and therefore would drive away potential
Footer informing the reader about some of the content within the magazine and the extra included within this issue
The overlapping of the picture and the text, makes the whole page stand out, creating a feel of realism, A more 3d effect, giving the image and the whole page a more dramatic impact and a feel of depth
Clear, big masthead- showing the title and name of the magazine along with their slogan “life is loud”

This magazine cover is taken from VIBE
The header is used very effectively to inform the reader of what is included within the magazine and some issue that may be raised within the magazine
The main sub heading informs the reader of the main article inside this issue and would help to attract the reader if they were interested in the subject
Like many magazines this one focuses mainly on one area or group of music, vibe is a more r`n`b, rap orientated magazine and therefore only a select group of people are going to be attracted to it.
A criticism of this magazine could be that the plain and simple layout could not attract people to buy the magazine
The use of overlapping the picture and the text help give the page depth and makes it stand out more, drawing the reader in.
The plain and simple format could help attract the reader and enhance the impact of the writing and picture within the front page.
The masthead is bold and plain, this helps to make the writing stand out against the white background
The use of two very well known public faces in the rap n r`n`b scene would help sell this magazine as people are very interested in their lives and the things their involved with

The last magazine that i deconstructed if from Q
The magazine also presents its slogan “the loud issue” which allows many people to associate it with the magazine helping to make it more popular.
The headmaster is attractive yet clear, the bright colour mixed with a white background really makes the text stand out dramatically.
A criticism of this magazine would be that the simplistic layout and design of the magazine would not be as attractive to the public and would therefore not sell as well as it should.
The magazine also implements the use of sub headings to give information to the viewer about the issues or content within the issue
The overlapping of the picture and text provides a sense of depth within the page and the composition allows the readers eye to flow through he page smoothly.
The front cover also includes information on the header, giving details of the content within the magazine.

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