Wednesday, 29 April 2009

school magazine deconstruction and evaluation

studentsSchool magazine examples

Masthead well presented. Extenuates the schools name and draws the on lookers to the page.
Although the use of colour is good it may not be such a good attribute, as the use of vibrant colours may distract the reader.
Very positive representation on their students

The school logo is also very well presented and the composition of the page manages to include it nicely and manage to make it flow within the layout
The style of both the masthead and the lower print helps emphases the text and make it stand out more. It also helps attract people.
Also the background is very bright and eye-catching, the colours they use are very loud however this helps draw people in. the other colours in the page are also very vibrant and bold which gives the whole page a good flow and positive attitude.

Nice big, bold simple head mast.
Stands out.
Nice, moderrn, colourfuly, imaginative display.
However they include a lot of information which may distract or hinder someone from wanting to read it.

I like the way the magazine cover includes the school, pictures of some of the students which I think portrays a good mixture of different people and shows the place to be a fun, interesting place. This factor may influence people into reading the brochure/magazine or think about attending a school or college.

At first instance the cover is very intricate and eye-catching.
The blending and use of many different colours is used well to make the page flow from top to bottom.
The mast head and underline text is clear and well laid out. Its
Also the different sub heading are used well, they give information about what is included in the magazine and the important issues within.
The magazine clearly has its own unique style and I think it gives the magazine a very positive feeling or look. The style of the cover is very imaginative original and attractive and modern.
Some criticism could be that the actual layout is too simple and more may be needed.
Also people may argue that the colour could distract the reader instead of attract.

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